Zenide GC Crystal Smartbook: Your Swarovski Crystal Studded Netbook

Zenide GC Crystal Smartbook Do you want to convert a standard gadget into a pricey device? Simply embellish it with scores of Swarovski crystals, and you have a simple device suitable for the uber rich. This is exactly what Smartbook AG has done with its latest offering. The new Zenide GC Crystal is a netbook (its manufacturer however wants to call it a smartbook) studded with Swarovski crystals.

Zenide GC Crystal Smartbook features
Encrusted with Swarovski crystals, the Zenide GC Crystal Smartbook is a limited edition netbook, which will be shipped to its users in a stylish flight case or ProCase. Never before, we have seen a netbook shipped with a bottle of champagne. This is exactly what Smartbook AG is offering its customers. A 750ml bottle of ‘Be fabulous gold’ Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial champagne will accompany the Zenide GC Crystal netbook. After dazzling its customers with awe inspiring exorbitant elements, Smartbook AG has incorporated several standard features in this netbook. The 1.60 GHz Intel Atom Processor N280 will support the speed and functions of the crystal studded netbook.

The original Windows 7 Home Premium operating system will be loaded in the device. Zenide GC Crystal Smartbook sports a 10.2 inches LED screen with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. It flaunts 2GB RAM and 320GB of internal storage space.

This limited edition netbook is fitted with two USB ports, microphone jack, VGA and LAN ports. A card reader is also included in the device. You can use this netbook at Wi-Fi hotspots. Mufin music finder is preinstalled in the netbook. This music search engine will help users to find their favorite songs and music tracks online. If you want to decorate your netbook, digital picture frames or videos with digital arts created by internationals artists, Zenide GC Crystal Smartbook buyers could shop at digitalbloom.com at a special discount.

If the 2,001 euros or the $3,000 price tag does not deter you from buying a Zenide GC Crystal Smartbook, you should place your order immediately. With only 20 pieces of the netbook available worldwide, the chances are high that there will be an intense competition among the big spenders to own the Swarovski crystal studded netbook.


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    The features of this notebook is Intel Atom N280 Prozessor,Original Windows 7 Home Premium Original Windows 7 Home Premium,NG WXGA LED screen (1024×600) 25cm (10.2″),2GB DDR2 RAM ,shared VGA,USB optional,320GB S-ATA HDD.