You’ve got ‘too much’ mail! – organize mail

organize mail Can’t find the phone when you need to make an urgent call?  That’s probably because it’s hidden under a mountain of paper comprising unopened and opened envelopes, magazines and brochures. Avoid accumulation of mail by implementing an organized system of sorting and storing your mail.

Organizing mail will require patience and consistency. Keeping everything neatly organized for one week and then abandoning the routine altogether is not organization. Find a system that works well for you, taking into consideration your daily schedule.

What you need and don’t need
The first thing you need to do is sort your mail into groups. This may take a while the first time but you’ll get used to the rhythm soon. Divide the incoming mail into three groups: Urgent – this includes bills, notices etc; Leisure – magazines, newsletters, brochures; Trash – advertisements, unwanted catalogs etc.

The trash group goes into the wastepaper basket. Invest money in a separate bin only for your junk mail and keep it in an accessible place. Most discarded mail lies around the house simply because you didn’t have time to throw it the garbage.

A place of its own
Once you have the mail sorted, don’t leave it on the table or sofa. Find a place for it before spilt coffee ruins it completely.

There are plenty of options for storing mail so choose one that has the most appeal for you. If you like the sight of colorful files stacked neatly, use them to organize your mail. Label each folder according to its contents. For magazines, keep a colorful basket or tray under the coffee table.

Multi-storey trays to hold envelopes and important documents are another way to organize mail. Sort the mail in order of importance, with the most important ones on top. A wall hanging can also be used for mail storage with different pockets for the various categories.

Organizing mail can help avoid overdue notices on unpaid bills because you lost the envelope under a pile of magazines. So save money and save time spent on search missions by organizing mail.