Your IPhone Becomes A Spy Device With Mobile Spy

iph If you want to spy on your spouse, children or colleagues simply gift them an iPhone. Thanks to Retina-X Studio, the manufacturer of the iPhone app Mobile Spy 3.0, you can now easily convert your iPhone into a spy device.

Mobile Spy features
IPhone Mobile is the first commercial spy software made for iPhone. It works on all the available iPhone models. Install the spy software to your iPhone and give it to someone. When this person uses your gifted iPhone, you can track every SMS, calls and geographical location of the person in real time. Mobile Spy works surreptitiously as a background app. The user of the cell phone cannot realize that the software is silently recording his messages and calls. Mobile Spy starts working as soon as the iPhone is booted by the user.

When the software starts working, it will record all the calls and text messages, and through the Internet, it will upload the data to your personal Mobile Spy account. When signal is available, the spy software will also record the GPS location of the user every half hour.

To know the whereabouts of the iPhone user, log in to your account on, and view the results. You can view your account from a computer or cell phone browser. You can access your account from any location. You will get information on calls, SMS and log summary. You can view the messages and calls even when the iPhone user has deleted them on his phone.

Mobile Spy compatible phones
Although Mobile Spy has been created primarily for Apple iPhone, but it can also be installed on Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smart phones. Before installing Mobile Spy, make sure that your smart phone has an internet connection. To use Mobile Spy, your smart phone carrier should provide unrestricted GPRS Internet connection, to enable uploading of logs to your online Mobile Spy account. Fortunately, most carriers are compatible to Mobile Spy.

To get the service of Mobile Spy you must pay $99.97 every year.