Your Blood Type And Diet

Should you plan your meal according to your blood group? Dr. Peter D’Adamo has discovered that your blood type can indeed influence your diet plan. In his bestseller book ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’ Dr. D’Adamo has outlined the importance of creating a diet plan based on the blood group of the individual. According to the creator of the blood type diet plan, 71 to 78 percent people who adapted this diet strategy reported significant improvement in health.

Your blood type and diet
Why is it that when different individuals used to the same lifestyle and exposed to similar environmental condition do not contract the same diseases? Perhaps our genetic disposition can help to determine why some people are vulnerable to certain illnesses, whereas others are not affected by them. Our blood type is one of the genetic biomarkers that might help to determine the condition of our health.

Diet for Type A
It has been seen that people with Type A blood have low acid content in the stomach, high levels of intestinal disaccharide digestive enzyme and low levels of intestinal alkaline phosphatase. The digestive system of people with Type A blood is suitable for carbohydrate digestion and least appropriate for protein and fat digestion. A vegetarian diet is most appropriate for these people.

Diet for Type B
People with Type B blood must balance their meal with vegetables and animal proteins. These people tend to put on more weight by consuming wheat, corns, lentils, sesame seeds, peanuts and tomatoes. Chicken is also not suitable for people with type B blood. They should eat green vegetables, low fat dairy products, eggs and mutton.

Diet for Type O
Researchers have found that people with Type O blood have a greater risk of developing stomach ulcers. They have higher stomach acid level. The diet of people with Type O blood should emphasize more on fruits, vegetables, lean and organic meats. They should limit intake of dairy products and wheat. Caffeine and alcohol are extremely harmful for them.

Diet for Type AB
The diet of people with Type AB blood is a fusion of the diets of A and B blood groups. People of this blood group have enough stomach acid for digesting animal protein and fats. They should avoid smoked and cured meats. They are free to enjoy seafood, dairy products and green vegetables. People with Type AB blood should limit intake of corn, lima beans, sesame seeds and buckwheat.