Young love-deal with your child’s first crush

childe28099s-first-crush It’s true that love knows no boundaries, not even of age. When children experience the rush of feelings that come along with a crush, parents need to understand and help them. You’re right in thinking a child is too young to know about love; but they’re not too young to feel it.

The first crush of a child may be at any age above six or seven years. No matter how silly you find it that she likes the nice, handsome boy next door, don’t mock her. Remember what it was like when you were young and drooling over your first crush. And bear in mind that you’ll feel the pain too when your child suffers her first ‘broken heart.

For girls
Some girls have a good rapport with their mothers and share everything with them, including feelings about boys. But not all mothers and daughters are like Lorelei and Rory of the family drama, ‘Gilmore Girls’. You don’t have to be your daughter’s best friend; she needs her mother. But you can be friendly and encourage her to confide in you.

For boys
It’s harder to deal with a boy’s first crush on a girl as boys generally don’t admit their feelings. They fear being laughed at for feeling the way they feel about the opposite sex.

Let your son know through subtle gestures that he can talk to you about anything. If you suspect a crush in your son’s life, talk about your own experience (but not so much that they get bored or uncomfortable). This may make him talk to you.

Attitude and communication
Avoid an attitude of amusement or disbelief at your child’s first crush. Don’t laugh their feelings away or shout at them for having such feelings. Listen patiently and understand their point of view. Show interest about what goes on in their lives. It is better if they confide in you about their first kiss rather than hide it.

Take a step towards building a healthy relationship with your child.