Yoga Reduces Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Symptoms Yoga Reduces Asthma Symptoms


Asthma is a respiratory disorder that causes problems in breathing as the air ways becomes inflamed. It may often cause cough, wheezing, breath shortness etc. Mostly asthma is a reaction to emotions, allergens, exercise, stress, irritants etc. There are several treatments for asthma but yoga is found to be an effective treatment for asthma and it will never cause any side affects.


Yoga helps an asthmatic patient to control his breath and will also give him good tolerance to exercise. Thirty minutes of yoga daily will improve the lung capacity and the muscle relaxation. Yoga will also improve the sense of being well and will improve the mood too. Thus a person will become less addicted to emotions which are considered as a triggering factor for asthma.

Yoga can undermine depression, stress and anxiety and can control insomnia. Yoga can provide strength and flexibility to your body and it will also improve your physical fitness.  Breathing exercises in yoga will improve your control over breathing and you can easily understand the difference in breathing at the initial stage of asthma itself and thus can take more care.

Types of Yoga

There are three types of yoga that are commonly practiced for controlling the breathing troubles and they are stretch exercise which are known as yoga postures, breathing exercise called pranayam and meditation.

There are different types of breathing exercises in which the patient is asked to take short and long breaths for different intervals of time and this helps them to improve the capacity of the lungs and will also teach them to regulate their breath.

Yoga poses or postures are used for stretching the body and thus to ease the muscle tensions. Asthmatic patients are requested to practice shoulder lift yoga poses as it helps to stretch the torso and helps to relax the top portion of the body. Sun salutation is another pose that helps the asthmatic patients to reduce their muscle tension. There are certain other poses like Pada Hasthasana, Suryabheda, ujjayi etc that helps to extend the lung capacity.

Asthmatic patients are asked to hold different postures for one minute while holding their breath and slowly they will get good control over their breathing.

Mediation will also help them to focus on one point and thus gives them good relief from stress.