XPPhone – Phone cum Internet Tablet From ITG

ITG xpPhone Cell phone makers are no longer content with standard smartphones. Gradually the concept of blending mobile phone with the functions of internet tablet is becoming popular. ITG, a Chinese company, has launched such a phone running on the Windows XP platform. The xpPhone has mobile phone, laptop and GPS integrated in a single device.

ITG xpPhone features
It is quite difficult to incorporate the internet tablet features in a slim mobile phone handset. Nonetheless, ITG has managed to give xpPhone a chic design.

The handset measures around 158mm x 75mm x 16mm and weighs about 400 grams. The 4.8-inch touch sensitive display of xpPhone is undoubtedly the largest among smartphones. This smartphone also has a wonderful slide out full QWERTY keyboard, which closely resembles the keyboard of netbooks. The D-pad is located on the left of the keyboard. On its right hand side, the numpad is situated. Moreover, the keyboard of xpPhone features a touchpad and two mouse buttons.

XpPhone could attain speedy connectivity with 3G network. It can be used on AT&T, Vodafone and Orange networks. It could be upgraded to support WiMax and 4G internet standard-LTE. Powered by the Free Core Series technology, xpPhone could be used for video calling. It also supports MSN, Skype and QQ chat. Most stock, futures and foreign exchange software compatible with desktop PCs can be used on xpPhone. XpPhone can be easily connected to a host of external devices such as printer, mouse, keyboard, monitors, TV and digital camera through the VGA and USB ports. To ensure that users never miss the chance to download a favorite song or video, xpPhone supports nearly 500 audio and video formats. This smartphone can be used for syncing address, calendars and contacts with your PC. To ease financial transactions, an internet banking service app is loaded in the device.

Running on AMD Super Mobile processor, ITG xpPhone will come with 1GB RAM, 30 – 120GB HDD and 8 to 64GB SSD. This smartphone has a built-in GPS, docking connector and earphone jack, microphone jack ports.

However, the 1.3 megapixel camera of the device might disappoint you. The battery of xpPhone supports 5 hours of talk time and 5 days of standby time.