Wrought Iron Decor

Before the invention of commercial steel making process, wrought iron was the chief material used for producing blades, swords, cutlery and ornamental items. Nowadays, this material is used for embellishing our modern homes. You can find the perfect wrought iron décor and furniture that could give your home an antique or modern appearance. You can decorate your home with wrought iron chandeliers, sconces, candle holders, wall décor, chairs, tables and racks.

What is wrought iron?

Wrought iron is an alloy of iron. Because of its low carbon content compared to steel, wrought iron is also known as mild steel. Traditionally, wrought iron décor was made by heating and hammering the metal to give it the desired shape. Customized handcrafted wrought iron décor and furniture carry higher price tags.

Wrought iron d̩cor Рadvantages

Wrought iron decors are highly durable. Unlike wooden furniture, chairs and tables made of wrought iron could withstand extreme weather conditions. The weather resistant wrought iron furniture could be placed in your patio. You can easily clean items made of wrought iron. Wrought iron furniture with powder-coat finish is scratch and corrosion resistant.

Wrought iron d̩cor Рdisadvantage

Just like any other iron item, wrought iron is a good conductor of heat. Although extreme heat or cold will not spoil your wrought iron furniture, on a cold winter night they can become too cold. On a hot summer day, the wrought iron chairs and tables in your patio might become extremely hot. Wrought iron can rust easily. However, a rust resistant finish could make your wrought iron décor rust resistant. The moment you notice cracks in the furniture finish, cover the crack with a paint coating.

Wrought iron décor care

Regular dusting with a soft cloth is usually sufficient for preserving the finish of your wrought iron décor. You can occasionally clean your wrought iron décor and furniture with water and a dish washing detergent. Once or twice a year, you can apply furniture wax to retain the finish of the wrought iron items in your house. All-purpose surface cleaners are frequently used for cleaning and polishing wrought iron items.