Writing for the Newspaper

writing-for-the-newspaper Writing is not only a medium of communication but it is also a form of art. Not everyone is an expert in it. Everybody can write, but making the piece of writing interesting and appealing is what the skill is all about. Writing can be of various types such as story writing, script writing, copy writing, web writing, news writing and so on. All these different types of writing have their own individual style and purpose. The target audiences are also different in every case. While writing for newspaper, you should keep certain points in mind. You must understand the target audience of your news articles and write accordingly. Let’s check out some useful tips on how to write for the newspaper.

Answer the 5 WH Questions: The main rule of writing for the newspaper is to give the answers of the five ‘wh’ questions such as what, why, where, when and who. All these questions should be answers in the introduction only. The first paragraph is thus the most important part of the news story. Then in the later paragraphs, you go on writing the details of the news event.

Cover all the Details: The target audience of a newspaper article is who has the time to read a story with details. In today’s world of internet, people still prefer reading newspapers as they depend on the detailed information of the newspaper articles. Even today, people read the newspapers with patience. They take time to read every story of it and if in a hurry, carry it with them to read it later. So, you must write the news articles with much detailed information.

Give a Catchy Heading: The heading of the news articles plays a crucial role in attracting the readers. There are lots of news in a newspaper. You should determine the important of every news articles with a catchy heading so that the readers never miss your articles among the crowd of the news stories.

The Problem of Space: It is a known fact that in a newspaper the dearth of space is a vital issue. That is why besides being detailed and informative, the news articles should be compact and to the point.