Writing a Movie Review

writing-a-movie-review One of the most popular trends these days is to read the movie reviews before going to watch a film. In every newspaper and magazines, there are review articles on movies and books newly published. Even music review articles are also found along with them. Movie review articles are meant to help the readers to choose the right movie and avoid the wrong ones. Writing movie review has become a very popular career option these days. The art of writing review articles is a little different from the other types of article writing. So, let’s check out the key points you should keep in mind while writing a movie review.

Watch the Film a Few Times: If you don’t watch the film properly, you cannot analyze the key points of the story. So, the reviewer should always watch the movie several times for his own understanding of the characters, situations, importance of the roles, the expressions of the actors and many such details. The minute details of a movie will appear before when you will watch it again and again. A reviewer has the eye for detail to analyze the minute pores of a movie, which a common viewer lacks. That is why common people go for the film reviews and then decide about a movie.

Analyze the Key Strengths of the Film: While writing the review of a movie, try to highlight the strong points of the storyline. Say why you loved watching the film. Talk about the entertainment factors of the film. Define the nature of the film whether it is a comedy or a tragedy etc. If the movie contains some musical tracks, discuss about them. Talk about the director and his other films and say how he is different in this movie.

Be a Real Critic: A real critic has the courage to show the viewers the weak points of the movie. Write what you feel after watching the film. If the movie seems to be a boring one, don’t hesitate to say that. Remember that your work is to give your real judgment about the movie and not to advertise it. Similarly you should discuss about the strong points of the movie.