Wrapping Paper and Alternatives

wrapping-paper When it comes to wrapping gifts for Christmas or any other important occasion, you certainly put in a lot of effort to choose the wrapping paper and then wrap the gift. However, what finally happens is that most recipients of the gifts just rip off the lovely wrapping paper. In this way all your hard work gets wasted and you can also see this as a big environmental loss since people are actually wasting paper. This actually means that each year when people wrap gifts they are in fact wasting a huge quantity of paper.

Alternative of Wrapping Paper

You must be aware that wrapping paper is quite expensive. Thus, it would be a good decision to look for a better and pocket-friendly alternative. Instead of using wrapping paper you can use gift bags. These are not very costly and the best thing about them is that they can be re-used by the receivers of the gifts for other purposes. If you choose a gift bag then no one will be able to tear it away as it is not wrapping paper.

Benefits of Gift Bags

Another benefit of using gift bags is that these bags really last for several years, provided you don’t pull them or play with them like small kids. You may feel that only lazy people use gift bags, but if you beautify the bags with streamers, ribbons as well as other decorations then the recipients of the gifts will surely be pleased and will not consider you lazy.

If it is Christmas, then you can choose gift bags that have lovely Christmas themes on them. Anyone would be very happy to receive their gifts in such bags. Thus, it is good for the environment to choose gift bags over wrapping paper that is generally wasted. If you still want to settle for wrapping paper, then you can choose multicolored recycled paper, which is environment-friendly too.