Words, weddings and decorations

weddings-and-decorations You may not be the world’s greatest singer or dancer, but if you’ve got a way with words, then brighten up! Use your wonderful talent to make your wedding unique and beautiful with words of love and joy. Let the magic of well-chosen words win “wows!” from the audience.

Include quotes from poems and songs or famous romance movies or novels in various aspects of your wedding décor. Instead of getting customized merchandise that carry these words, select your own and fit them in your décor. All it requires is creativity, efforts and assistance from happy helpers.

Hall of ‘frame’
Buying artwork for the walls of your wedding hall would be rather costly. Make your own frames or buy inexpensive ones from an art supply store. Write out short love poems or extracts from famous verses in beautiful handwriting.

It would be best to enlist the help of someone who knows calligraphy for this task. You can also print out the words on colored paper using a printer. Adding designs and color would make the word frames more attractive.

Delicious words
The cake cutting ceremony can become more meaningful with words of love. Have an expression of your love written in icing across the cake. You can choose the titles of songs like ‘I will always love you’ or ‘nothing’s gonna change my love for you’.

Favor with words
Make bookmarks that contain a romantic quote or a line from a poem or song. Give these along with the wedding favors or have them placed at each table. The wedding favors can be given in cute little paper bags on which you can inscribe words from a love poem or song.

Sewn with love
Embroider a line from a song on the napkins at the wedding reception. These are available ready-made as well, but if you find that expensive then start a DIY project months before the wedding.

If your embroidery skills aren’t the best, ask a friend or family member for help. Thank them with a special gift for their efforts.

Have a ‘words’ worthy wedding!