Wood Cleaning

Wood is the most common material used in any household. Dirt, chemicals, oil and heat are the common enemies of wooden surfaces. They would leave their marks on the wood surface, ruining the appearance of your wood furniture or wooden flooring. Removing the stains from wood surfaces is a challenge faced by most homemakers. Here are some cleaning tips that would restore the stain free appearance of the wooden items of your house.

Water stain

Unless you are prompt enough to clean the water, the moment it is spilled on the wooden surface, unsightly stains will be left behind on the table or wooden flooring. To remove water stains, place a thick towel on the stain. Press the towel with an iron that is at low to medium temperature. Make sure that the hot iron does not touch the wood. After a few seconds remove the iron and towel from the table, you will discover a stain free surface. For stubborn marks, you should repeat the process several times.

Vinegar could be effective in remove the marks left behind on the wood tables by wet glasses. Prepare a wood cleaning solution by mixing vinegar and olive oil in equal proportions. Wipe the stains with this cleaner.

While mopping wooden floors always add some vinegar to the water. This prevents formation of stains on the wood.

Heat marks

Heat marks would spoil the appearance of your wood tables. It could be pretty difficult to remove the marks from wood surface. Here is a quick cleaning tip that could easily remove all heat marks from wood surfaces. Take a little toothpaste, excluding the gel pastes, and mix it with baking soda.

Now rub this paste on the heat mark. Leave it on the stain for a minute. With a damp cloth, wipe the paste from the wood surface. The heat mark will become lighter. Repeat the process several times for complete removal of the heat mark. Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent heat marks, always place hot cups and glasses on trays, coasters or trivets.

All-purpose wood cleaner

You can prepare a wood cleaner at home by blending baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice.