Wizard wedding-Harry Potter theme wedding

harry-potter-theme-wedding It may seem that theme weddings have gone overboard, if we’re adopting whimsical characters from children’s books. But the bottom line is, it’s your wedding, you can do whatever you want. So if you’re a true fan of the Harry Potter series, plan your wedding around that theme.

A successful theme wedding has creativity and attention to detail. Of course, you can’t have real potions and spells but a credible imitation might work wonders. To avoid complication, adopt those elements that can be easily incorporated in the Muggle world.

In a Harry Potter themed wedding, for example, you can have invitations written out on parchment-like paper and tied up in a scroll. Seal it with a picture of an owl or the owl Hedwig from the series. Your invite will seem like ‘owl post’ even though you’ll probably mail it! Using real owls is definitely not an option at all.

Eat a wedding cake straight out of Hogwarts. You can choose the shape of a snitch, the Hogwarts coat of arms, the Gryffindor lion or a phoenix. For a magical touch, place glasses of wine on a tray inside the centerpiece above the cake and arrange for it to be pulled down gently after the cutting. You’ve got glasses floating in the air!

The start-of-term feasts are legendary at Hogwarts. Treat your guests to the start of your new life together feast with a sumptuous spread. Chicken, ham, soups and of course, Harry’s favourite treacle tart – work out a meal that’s easy to prepare and delicious as well.

Spread the magic of your wedding day with Harry Potter style wedding favors. You can have a hamper with goods related to the boy wizard. Or you can give Harry Potter sets of books (at least 3).

It is important for a theme wedding to not go overboard with the various elements. After all, excess of anything is bad. Besides, those who aren’t fans and still part of your guest list will find it tiring. True that it is your wedding, but “sometimes you’ve got to think about the greater good!”