Winter wonderland: planning a winter-themed wedding

The bleak months of winter may not seem like the ideal time to have a wedding due to the cold winds, snow and sleet. Besides, most people are in a festive mood since its Christmas and hence spend time with families. On the other hand, a winter wedding can be romantic too. The season brings out fashionable clothes, white snowflakes and warm, delicious food and beverages.

A winter-themed wedding allows for abundant creative ideas. It also requires careful planning since winter has its limitations too. Hindrances caused by weather would spoil the wedding celebrations, especially after all the hard work.


An outdoor wedding in the cold weather would simply lead to chills, not thrills. Select indoor locations such as halls, inns, clubs or perhaps your own house. You can turn it into a beautiful setting with brilliant décor.

If your wedding date is in and around Christmas, then most places will have Christmas decorations. This will add to the beauty of your wedding and save your time and money on décor.


Just in case your venue isn’t sparkling with Christmas lights, you will have to use your own decor. Adorn the walls with snowflake patterns in white and ice blue. Place snow globes on tables or hang them from the ceiling. White roses and lilies in clear glass vases and bowls make for simple and lovely centerpieces. Light up the place with midnight blue and red votives.

Food and drinks

Provide a delicious winter feast for your guests. Think of warm comfort food such as soups, vegetables, lasagnas, pumpkin pies, pastas, sauces etc. Warm beverages like spiced wine, cider, and hot chocolate will be popular with the guests.

Dress and favors

Consider buying thick wraps to match the gowns of the bride and bridesmaids. Thus, they won’t be shivering with cold throughout the wedding.

Some ideas for your winter wedding favors are baskets or bags filled with chocolates, cookies and tea or coffee jars; personalized Christmas ornaments with the couple’s name stamped on them; beautiful coffee mugs and scented candles.

Have fun at your wintry wedding!