Why Do Infants Cry

infants-cry There are diverse reasons for which infants cry. Crying is essentially the chief way of communicating in case of infants. When they cry you cannot distract them all the time with toys and other objects. Thus, you should understand their reasons for crying. Infant express their discomfort, loneliness, hunger, and pain by crying. For every state, infants have a special way of crying. Over time, you will surely be able to understand each form of cry. The most common reasons why infants cry are given below.

Dissatisfaction and Discomfort

Dissatisfaction, irritation, discomfort are some common causes. This discomfort arises in infants because of painful positions, indigestion, gas, uncomfortable temperatures, or soiled diapers. You will be able to identify the problem if your baby starts sucking something.

Once you ease the discomfort, your baby will soon settle down.  Isolation, fear, and boredom are other reasons due to which, infants start crying. In order to cool down your baby you have give him or her proper attention. Don’t let your baby feel lonely, bored, frightened, and impatient.

Hunger: A Culprit

One of the biggest reasons behind crying is hunger. Infants usually tend to eat nearly six to ten times in a day. During the first three months you will find your infants waking up and crying for night feedings. You just need to feed the baby and he or she will stop crying.

If the crying sounds a little different from the usual crying, then that means that your infant is sick. You need to consult your doctor immediately to find out the problem. If your infant suffers from evening colic pain then he or she will cry for long periods throughout the day. Find out the problem and then treat it.

If you have tried to do everything to make your infant quiet but he or she continues to cry then your baby may be tired. Crying is your baby’s way of calming down. So, don’t worry, because your infant will stop crying on his or her own.