White wedding

white wedding The thought of a white Christmas evokes images of merry times and fun in the snow. A white wedding calls to mind a picture of elegance. White is the color of peace and purity – it is the perfect image for a minimalist yet unique wedding.

Of course, along with all the wonderful associations of all things white, this color also has certain drawbacks. White being rather pale shows dirt and stains most prominently. Besides, unclean white doesn’t result in off-white but rather soiled white. A white wedding should be held indoors in a clean environment. Beaches, gardens, backyards are not the most appropriate places to host white-themed weddings.

Decorating in white
Too much of white won’t be attractive so you’ll need to break the whiteness at different places to maintain a desirable balance. Complement white with colors like purple, cream, or light blue. Silver and gold would also contrast well with white.

Flowers add beauty and grace to any occasion. Select the best flowers in white hues such as white roses, daisies, lilies, tulips, orchids, carnations etc. Centerpieces and bouquets can be adorned with these fragrances; lace and satin ribbons can be added as trimmings.

White linen would get dirty easily and the stains and spills would be very noticeable. Instead use tablecloths and other linen in a light shade of blue. Place a centerpiece on each table of white roses or daisies.

White favors
Whatever favors you have planned to give your guests, ensure that you wrap them in white wrapping paper or pack them in white boxes. Attach a card with a special message written with a silver sparkle pen.

Ladies and Gentlemen in white
A white dress code for guests is unnecessary. But the bride and groom ought to be dressed in that shade – white gown and tuxedo respectively.

Have a beautiful wedding in your white wonderland!