When you’re being cheated on…

cheated-on It’s hard to be strong when you’re being cheated on. When you sense the cheating monster looming large over your life, you’ll probably go through many stages: denial, false self-assurance, restlessness and desperation and finally forceful acceptance. For your own peace of mind, be strong and skip straight ahead to the last stage.

How do you know when you’re being cheated on? You’re probably no mind-reader. You can’t know that your so-called-beloved is thinking about someone else while spending time with you. Well, learn to read the signs of his or her behavior.

Stranger everyday
A new person in your loved one’s life means that they have less time for you. The time after and between work hours that they would spend with you is now dedicated to that new arrival. You may try to be understanding and keep suspicion away.

It’s good to be trusting, but not too much. If he or she really wants to spend time with you, they’ll find a way to do so. Deep down, you know there’s something wrong. Stop running away and face it.

Too many changes
Out of the blue, they have a new schedule to follow strictly. Work hours have increased and a new set of friends has come into the picture. Their overall nature has also changed drastically. You would notice this transformation if you know them well. It’s the sign of a whole new ‘other’ life that doesn’t include you.

No love, no more
It may seem to you that you can’t do anything right around them. He or she is too impatient, violent, rude or distant towards you. Unless they’re facing a huge crisis in professional or family life (confirm this as soon as possible), you’re losing their love to another.

Remember that being cheated on is not your fault. Be strong and confident; you’re better off without them.