What to wear for backpacking

backpacking Backpacking is not only about the perfect backpack, but also about the perfect clothes. The wrong kind of clothing will cause constant uneasiness, and mar the joy of your trip. For a happy and successful backpacking trip, invest some time in picking out the perfect wardrobe.

Research guide
Read thoroughly about the places you’re visiting for comprehensive knowledge about the weather conditions. If it is winter when you’re visiting Europe, ensure that you have warm clothes and raingear. Carry extra pairs of socks and scarves in case they get wet or ripped.

Boots are a must for all seasons when backpacking. You can’t escape walking if you’re backpacking; a strong pair of well-worn boots is an essential part of your ensemble.

Custom made
All countries have varied customs. While backpacking through them, try not to offend them with your out of place attire. Blend in with your surroundings. Find out what kind of garments are acceptable in the places you’re visiting. Some may frown upon skimpy shorts and t-shirts.

Protect yourself
Backpacking may involve traversing over some rough terrain. You’ll probably be exposed to creatures and insects of all kinds. Even if it is summer, wearing long pants and full sleeved shirts is advisable, especially in mountainous and wooded regions. Some insect bites can lead to grave problems so avoid them at any cost.

Jeans are too heavy and uncomfortable to wear when wet. Avoid carrying these on your backpacking trip. Cotton pants also don’t dry easily and hence are best avoided. Wool or any synthetic fabric works best.

Layered clothing is the most convenient. Wear a shirt or t-shirt, sweater and jacket or windcheater; you can peel off layers or add on as the weather dictates. Besides, carrying a heavy backpack is a big pressure on your shoulders, chest and back. Thin clothing will cause discomfort to your skin.

Let your backpacking trip be a memorable one; and don’t let an incident of wardrobe malfunction be one of the memories!