What to wear: dressing for church

Some people may find it unnecessary to address the question – what to wear to church? The opinion is that God doesn’t care what you wear as long as your heart is pure. It is true that God does not see appearances. However, you shouldn’t dress provocatively or crudely just to emphasize that fact.

After all, the church is a sacred space that deserves respect. You wouldn’t dress vulgarly for a job interview, would you?

Churches in general may not have a specific dress code. Nevertheless, there are unwritten rules about what is acceptable – you should observe modesty in dressing while attending church services. Remember that some orthodox churches may have a strict dress code.

For men
Trousers and shirts or suits, if possible, are the best options. You need not dress expensively. However, your attire should reflect decency and a formal bearing. You can wear jeans but they should be plain and neat; ripped or faded jeans are unacceptable.

Youngsters may not like to wear shirts all the time. For them, t-shirts are fine but again, they shouldn’t be too bold. Avoid wearing any outfits with offensive slogans and images.

For women
The rules of modest attire apply to women too. Short skirts, deep-necked tops, and other revealing clothes have to be avoided. You need not be too fashionable in church as it is not a place to flaunt the latest styles. However, you don’t have to be a plain Jane either. You can still wear nice outfits and make up, but within a certain limit.

Dresses, skirts and blouses are appropriate church wear. Choose simple designs and light colors; avoid wearing anything gaudy. Pants and shirts, jeans and t-shirts are also acceptable. Nevertheless, the clothes should not be too tight or offensive in any way.

You don’t have to change your personality when you go to a church. Just ensure that you observe the proper code of conduct required by that place of worship.