What are the Risk Factors of Arthritis?

arthritis Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition in which the joints, the connective tissues and the tissues around the joints are affected. There are different types of arthritis which are attributed to degenerative process or infection and that are chronic auto immune disease. Arthritis causes swellings and inflammations in the joints and there by affect the mobility of the affected person. There are several factors that contribute to the development of arthritis.

Risk Factors of Arthritis

1.    Age

Age is an important factor that determines the development of arthritis. With age the cartilage becomes brittle due to the wear and tear and it will be difficult for the cartilage to undergo repair on its own. Most of the people above 60 years old are prone to get this disease.

2.    Hereditary

People with a family history of arthritis are more likely to get this disease. That means the genetic variations can cause arthritis.

3. Obesity

Over weight of your body will exert more pressure on your hips and knees and there by making them more susceptible to wear and tear. More over such patients will have a substance in their blood that will promote inflammation in the joints. All these will increase the risk of getting arthritis.

4.     Occupational Hazard

People who are subjected to heavy jobs like operating the machines, landscaping, heavy construction etc are adding more stress to their joints and they are more prone to arthritis.

5.    Injuries and Infections

People who had injuries or infections on their knee, hip etc are having greater risk of getting this disease. This is because the infections or injuries may damage the smooth surface of the joints and makes them more prone to wear and tear and thus increases the chances of getting arthritis.

6.    Weak Muscles

People having weak thigh muscles are at risk of arthritis because thigh muscles will absorbs most of the stress and shocks and will keep the knee safe. If you have a weak thigh muscle then your knee will be subjected to more shock and stress.