Weight Loss With Grapefruit Diet

Can a single fruit help to shed the excess fats from your body? The grapefruit diet plan is designed to lose weight with the help of the grapefruit. You will come across several versions of the grapefruit diet. Some grapefruit diets offer a balanced diet plan, whereas others would offer not so encouraging diet routines, based on starving or eating until you are full.

Health benefits of grapefruit
Grapefruit has everything necessary to help you lose weight. It is a low calorie fruit. Nearly 90 percent of the grapefruit is comprised of water, and rest of the fruit consists primarily of carbohydrates and dietary fibers. The enzymes found in grapefruit are capable of breaking down fats. Due to its low sodium content, grapefruit could easily fit into the diet regime of people suffering from high blood pressure. Low sodium content is also necessary for preventing water retention in the body. In addition, grapefruit is a rich source of potassium, an important mineral needed for supporting several body functions. Moderate amounts of calcium and phosphorous are also present in this fruit.

Grapefruit diet
Grapefruit diet is also known as the Hollywood Diet or the Mayo Diet. This is a short-term diet program, which usually lasts for twelve days. It is easy to start and easy to follow. People who propound this diet plan claim that it is possible to lose ten pounds of weight within the period of the diet program. Grapefruit diet is only a short-term measure. It does not include recommendations for sustaining the normal body weight for a prolonged period.

People following the grapefruit diet program should not take foods that are either too hot or too cold. Aluminum cooking utensils should not be used. There should be a 4-hour gap in between a protein meal and a starch meal. A typical grapefruit diet breakfast menu will comprise of proteins and grapefruits. For breakfast, you can have ½ grapefruit or a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice, two eggs and two slices of bacon. For lunch, you will once again have ½ grapefruit or 8 oz of unsweetened grapefruit juice. You can take unlimited amount of meat and salad for lunch. The dinner menu will comprise of salad, a green or red vegetable cooked with spices and butter, meat or fish, ½ grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice and a cup of tea or coffee. Before going to bed, you can have a glass of skim milk.