Weight Loss With Drinks

Our diet plays an important role in bringing down our body weight. Certain drinks or beverages could easily help you to lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate and making you feel full even by consuming lesser calories.

We drink water not only to quench our thirst, but it also helps to remove the wastes from our body. To lose the excess body wait, you can increase consumption of water. It is recommended that a healthy person should drink about eight glasses of water everyday. However, people trying to lose weight could drink some extra glasses of water, above the recommended limit. You can boost the metabolic rate of your body, by drinking excess water. Ice-cold water is most suitable for pushing up the metabolism of the body. If instead of drinking eight glasses of water at room temperature, if you drink eight glasses of chilled water daily, you can burn 200 calories of excess energy each day. Drinking about two glasses of water before meal could help to curb your appetite by making you feel full quickly.

Fruit and vegetable juices
Fruit and vegetable juices are nutritious drinks that help you to loose weight. Drinking a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice before meal will make you feel full after having small servings of food in your meal. In addition, these natural drinks will supply your body the necessary nutrients. However, to lower your calorie intake, avoid fruit juices that contain additive sugar. Compared to fruit juices, vegetable juices give your body lesser calories.

Low fat milk
A weight loss diet plan should include low fat milk and low fat dairy products in the menu. Some studies have suggested that calcium might help to breakdown the excess fat cells in the body. While some recent studies contradict this property of calcium, nonetheless, it has been found that calcium deficiency could accelerate fat build up. Moderate intake of low fat milk and dairy products could therefore help you to lose weight.

Black coffee and tea
Black coffee and green tea are low calorie beverages that are beneficial for people striving to lose weight. Moreover, by drinking three to four cups of black coffee everyday your body will receive antioxidants.