Weight Loss With Diet Shakes

In your busy regular life, you might not have the time to visit the gym. In the absence of a regular workout schedule, to lose weight you might consider skipping meals or even fasting. Such weight loss techniques are bad for your health. They could lead to serious health complications.

Perhaps an easy way to lose the extra flab, without depriving your body of the essential nutrients, is to include diet shakes in your weight loss diet. Also known as meal replacement shakes or liquid diets, diet shakes are nutritious milk or soy based supplements that could replace your regular meals.

Types of diet shakes
There are usually two types of diet shakes – medically prescribed diet shakes and over the counter diet shakes. The prescribed diet shakes are recommended by health experts and dietitians to treat people who are clinically obese. Over-the-counter diet shakes are compatible with certain easy to follow weight loss plans. The composition of the diet shakes are not the same. The meal replacement shakes usually try to balance the carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. To reduce the calorie intake, some diet shakes contain lesser amount of carbohydrates, whereas others are low in fat. Usually each serving of a typical meal replacement shake provides between 200 to 400 calories.

Choosing the right diet shake
Most diet plans that rely on diet shakes suggest that two meals should be replaced by diet shakes. You should even replace your snack with diet shakes. However, to prevent any health disaster, several health experts and dietitians warn against relying on such a rigid weight loss plan for losing weight.

You could have a diet shake for breakfast or lunch, but try not to replace the entire meal with meal replacement shakes. You should only replace your regular balanced meal with diet shakes when you don’t have the time to enjoy a meal. A safe weight loss diet with diet shakes should include two snacks, two diet shakes and a low calorie dinner. You can even opt for a moderate break fast and lunch, and for dinner, you can have a diet shake and salad. Whatever is your diet plan, always check that your calorie intake meets your actual daily calorie requirement.