Weight Loss With Diet Patch

Wondering how to lose weight without undergoing the strenuous and boring dieting process? Perhaps a diet patch could come to your rescue. Simply stick a diet patch on your skin and wait until the active ingredients present in the weight loss patch penetrates your skin and enters your body. As soon as the active contents of the diet patch enter your bloodstream, they promote weight loss by boosting metabolism and by curbing appetite.

The ingredients present in diet patches are known to stimulate weight loss when taken orally. Although enough clinical evidences are not available to suggest the efficacy of these fat burners in promoting weight loss when used as diet patches, several people claim that diet patches have indeed helped them to eliminate the extra pounds.

Diet patches

Fucus vesiculosus diet patch

Fucus vesiculosus or bladderwrack is a brown marine alga. It is a powerful source of iodine. Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones that regulate the metabolism process of the body. Since poor metabolism is associated with weight gain, diet patches containing vesiculosus increase the iodine reserve in the body, which is sufficient to increase the activity of the thyroid gland.

Chromium diet patch

Chromium helps the body to utilize insulin effectively. It helps to normalize the blood sugar level. Chromium is believed to aid in weight loss by burning the fat deposit in the body. It is even capable of increasing the lean muscle mass in the body. Diet patches containing chromium as an active ingredient are beneficial for bringing down the excess weight.

Green tea diet patch

Green tea is a powerful fat buster. Besides sipping few cups of green tea each day, you can even attach green tea diet patch on your skin to promote fat metabolism.

Hoodia diet patch

Hoodia is a native of the Kalahari Desert. The herb noted for curbing appetite is often used on diet patches. You can wear the diet patch on any hairless area of your body such as on the upper arm, and leave it there for a day or two. By wearing this diet patch, you can overcome your overeating habit.