Weight Loss With Cambridge Diet

For more than two decades, the Cambridge diet is a favorite weight loss program among overweight individuals. The diet plan, which developed in the Cambridge University, has a global following. This is essentially a calorie-restricted diet that relies on low calorie intake as the key to weight loss.

Cambridge diet plan

The Cambridge diet or Cambridge Weight Plan comprises of certain weight loss diet foods or Cambridge diet formula such as shakes, porridge, bars and soups containing vitamins and minerals in balanced proportions. According to the creators of this diet program, having three servings of the diet formula each day will meet your regular nutrient requirement without supplying extra calories.

Dieters might start their weight loss program by taking Cambridge diet formula, which will provide them about 415 to 500 calories per day. The daily calorie intake could be increased gradually as you start melting the excess fat deposit in your body.

Very low calorie diet

In a very low calorie diet plan, the dieter should take four servings of Cambridge diet formula and 200ml of skimmed milk each day. This very low calorie diet should last for at least one week. The maximum duration of the very low calorie diet plan should not be more than 12 weeks. This is followed by a week long 800 calories diet plan, comprising of three servings of Cambridge diet formula, skimmed milk, protein rich foods and vegetables.

You can gradually increase your calorie intake to 1000 calories per day by having two servings of Cambridge diet formula along with salads and skimmed milk. After attaining your desired body mass index, you can adopt a lifelong 1500 calories diet plan that will help to restore your normal body mass.

The prepackaged food products are nutritious and delectable. Dieters could either add water to the soups and shakes or snack with ready-made protein shakes or bars to meet their energy requirement. While following the Cambridge Diet plan, the dieter should drink at least eight glasses of water. You should avoid alcohol. Caffeine intake should be limited. However, dieters could enjoy herbal teas. People suffering from health disorders should consult their physicians before adopting the Cambridge diet plan.