Weight Loss Exercises

If you want to lose your weight then weight loss exercises are found to be the best rather than  going for diet control . In order to burn more calories and fat you need to be more active. Avoid sitting in front of  TV and rather move around and do some simple house works. This may help you to burn 2 or 3 calories per minute and 70 percent of this calorie burn will be because of the digestion of fat. Avoid the elevators and climb the steps. Along with all these you can practice weight loss exercises too for reducing the fat.

Here are some weight loss exercises :

Exercises for Weight Loss


Walking is considered as one of the best exercise for burning fat. It will help you to strengthen the bones and toning the muscles. It will also help you to attain a good posture while reducing the weight. Brisk walking for a long duration helps to reduce  almost 55 percentage of fat along with burning good amount of calories.

Body Weight Squats

This exercise includes hundreds of muscle fibers at a time. The muscles that are aimed during this exercise are immense calorie chomps such as hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes etc. For doing this stand straight with your hands held behind your head so that your elbows will be on the back with your chest pushed out. Keep your legs at shoulder width and bend your knees to sit back on your hips. Lower the body as down as possible while keeping your spine’s natural arch. By squeezing your glues push back to the starting position. This is an effective fat burner and a good muscle builder exercise.


The pushup exercise involves the parts like shoulders, chest, triceps, lower back, abdomen, glutes etc. Hence more muscles are involved in this process and thus leads to the building of more muscles. Muscles helps to burn more calories

Instead of these exercises you can also practice 70 minutes bicycle ride, 90 minutes swimming, 90 minutes play soccer etc for reducing the weight. Aerobic exercises, running etc are also useful.