Weekend dorm party ideas

dorm-party College time is the period when people have the most fun. Every weekend is a new adventure as there’s a party going on somewhere on the campus. Even the sports and cultural events create memorable experiences.

Dorms are a second home for their residents and hence lead the way for strong friendships and great fun times. Dorm parties, accordingly, should be such that they are remembered forever. A party need not mean just dance, drinks and chips. New ideas ensure more fun for everyone.

Here’s the chance to be creative and wild. Dorm party themes can range from the simplest to the craziest. Everyone loves movies so a movie-character theme party would be fun for everyone. The guests can select their own movie characters; or you can hand out movie titles or movie genres like horror, comedy etc.

A sports theme party is great for an all-male dorm but might not be welcome in a co-ed one as not all girls like sports. A bohemian theme gives a chance for the guests to dress up in the craziest outfits imaginable.

Food for thought
If the dorm is dominated by people who would prefer reading to doing the rumba, then a wild party is quite impossible. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

A potluck dinner party ensures that everyone contributes to the fun. Once you have a location, let everyone know what food they have to bring. Coordinating is essential otherwise you’ll have five bags of chips and cookies but no dip or sodas.

An after dinner session can include coffee and cookies or brownies while the guests have a tête-à-tête. Extend the fun to an all-night session like a slumber party. This can be planned in advance, but having it spontaneously is fun too.

For a night of escapism, rent favorite movies, load up on popcorn and pizza and relax as you watch your favorite flicks for hours.

No place like a dorm to have fun and party on the weekend!