Wedding usher guide

Wedding usher The word ‘usher’ is synonymous with ‘guide’ or ‘escort’, which summarizes the main duties of an usher. In a wedding, no matter how well you plan, something or the other does go wrong at the last minute. The bride and groom as well as their family would rather enjoy this special day rather than run around fixing little problems.

This is where ushers are helpful. They are your saviors when a drunk relative starts yelling, or parents need to calm bawling babies or elderly couples need assistance. In such situations, ushers can guide the guests to a separate room, so that the wedding ceremony or reception isn’t interrupted.

Whether you’re having a small, medium or big wedding, it helps to have one or two ushers around to take care of guests.

Who is the usher?
Sometimes, the groomsmen may serve as ushers. However, if they are busy with other wedding duties, it is best to appoint some other people as ushers. Siblings and other relatives who aren’t included in the wedding party can serve as ushers. You may also appoint any teenage members in the family to assist some of the guests.

Small families who don’t have many helping hands may turn to close friends and neighbors for help. Ensure that they are willing to help and not just doing their duties under pressure. A wedding with disgruntled ushers has potential to become a disaster.

Let’s talk numbers
The number of ushers depends on the size of the crowd. A large wedding requires quite a few ushers to escort guests and manage any hitches. Even a small wedding has guests who may require help and the bride and groom certainly shouldn’t be the ones working that day.

About the duties
An usher generally guides guests to their seats, distributes wedding programs, supervises the parking arrangements and gives directions to guests at the ceremony or reception. The people acting as ushers need to be friendly, patient and enthusiastic in order to deal with various kinds of people and situations.

Usher your guests to a wonderful wedding with the right ushers.