Wedding reception seating arrangements

Wedding seating arrangements One may wonder – why bother telling people where to sit, they’re wise enough to choose their own places! Of course they’re wise; but planning and proper organization is needed to make any event a success.

Planning the seating arrangement is also one of the many ways to take good care of your guests and be the perfect host.

Whether it is a small, medium or big wedding, sufficient thought and consideration should be involved in preparing the seating chart. Enlist the help of your family members and friends while doing so.

Three heads are better than one and you’ll get the required opinions about seating particular family members and friends. Remember that age-old feuds and ‘ex’ issues need to be taken into account.

Family first
Keep the families together and also the couples. Young children should be seated with their parents. Be aware of estrangement in certain families, as the people involved will have to be seated at a separate table.

Friends forever
Friends, colleagues and neighbours can be mixed together at one or more tables. Of course, breakups between couples who have common friends can be a tricky matter. In that case, you’ll need to place them at separate tables with at least one friend at the respective tables. This is required for all ‘friend/neighbor/colleague’ tables.

Kids only
Children can be grouped together at one table, but make sure that they’re relatively of the same age. Have some games or activities ready at this table so that they don’t get bored.

The head table
The head table is where the bride and groom sit along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Usually the head table is at the front, facing the rest of the guests. But if you want a more private seating, let the groomsmen and bridesmaids sit with their dates at a table; the bride and groom can sit at one table alone or with parents.

Start working on the seating arrangements well in advance. This way you can ensure that all guests have a good time on your wedding day.