Wedding program guide

42-17800257 A wedding is not a T.V. serial that you watch for entertainment. Neither is a wedding program like a T.V. guide that you can flip through to see if something good is on. By creating a wedding program, you’re allowing your guests to participate in the wedding ceremony (and reception, sometimes) in a more personal way.

A wedding program is more than just a decorative piece of stationery. Wedding programs need to be informative as they are guest guides for your wedding ceremony and reception. Especially if you have a large crowd, or new customs gathering, a wedding program would be very helpful in explaining the various elements of the wedding.

What to include
A wedding program should include full names of the bride, groom, and their parents, and names of the other members of the wedding party. Date and location of the wedding can be included along with the details of the ceremony. This may vary across the various faiths and their specific wedding rites.

The names of the songs or instrumentals used and their singers or composers are also mentioned. Lyrics of songs can also be included, especially if the song is written only for the ceremony.

A tribute to a deceased member of the family is also appropriate for a wedding program. A picture and a poem or prayer in their remembrance would suffice.

A famous quote or passage from the Bible gives more meaning to the wedding program. You may adopt the theme of your wedding in the wedding program. Just ensure that you don’t overdo designs and pictures.

From you to the guests
Make sure that every guest has a copy of the wedding program before or after they are seated. Ask a friend or family member to distribute the programs to guests as they enter the church or venue of your wedding. Ushers can also give out the wedding programs to guests after they are seated.

Let your wedding program be a wedding story that guests can treasure for years to come. And of course, keep one for your own personal collection as well!