Wedding memories-the perfect photo album

wedding-memories-the-perfect-photo-album Once your wedding day is over, you can look forward to the excitement of reliving the day through the wedding photographs. The wedding album guarantees many happy hours of reminiscing about your special day.

A professional photographer will know how to click the best snaps and will probably use a lot of special effects and alterations. He can superimpose the bride and groom’s photos on a bouquet of flowers or something similar.

But if you want to treasure the intimate moments of this celebration, then it is best to have spontaneous pictures clicked by a friend or relative. A collection of these will make the perfect wedding photo album.

The arrival
As the bride and groom arrive at the church, there is a lot of excitement and greeting. A few pictures of the soon-to-be-wedded couple and the bridal party at this time are ideal for your album.

You can also have a ‘before and after’ arrangement. Try catching the expressions of the bride and groom in unguarded moments.

The vows
The solemnity of the ceremony and the bonding of the couple in holy matrimony is a moment that cannot be missed. The love and joy on the couple’s faces as they share their vows and then the first kiss make for memorable photographs.

The cake cutting
This tradition always makes for some of the best photographs. These are the moments where the couple feed each other with the delicious cake, and perhaps playfully apply frosting on each other’s faces. You wouldn’t want to miss these perfect moments in your wedding photo album.

The first dance
The reception is filled with a mood of merriment. This atmosphere is set by the couple as they share their first dance as husband and wife. Even if they’re not the best dancers in the world, one can’t help but join in their happiness of being together.

Treasure the happy memories of the most wonderful day of your lives with a picture perfect wedding album.