Wedding guest list guide

wedding-guest The wedding guest list includes friends and family. But there are so many friends and such large families. It’s not possible to have all of them at your wedding, especially if you’re working on a budget. Moreover, the venue you select should be large enough to accommodate the entire crowd.

To avoid a guest list disaster, start preparing early. It will determine most of your decisions such as venue, food, favors etc. Discuss the list with your fiancé and the parents. Generally, whoever pays for the wedding decides on the final number of guests.

The main invitees
Close family and friends are the first priority on your guest list. Next, you need to invite friends at work and also the seniors. Parents will want to include family friends and neighbours too.

It would be rude to exclude those people from your wedding who were there at your engagement party. Special friends and relatives who live faraway would love to receive an invite even if they can’t make it to your wedding.

The not-so-main invitees
Draw the line when it comes to guests whom you could do without at your wedding. Rude friends whom you never talk to but have known for a long time can be excluded. They might make your wedding day worse so why bother when you can ask someone who will be happy to attend your wedding.
The alternate plan
It is possible that many people may decline your invitation politely for some reason or the other. This is when you can use your alternate guest list and send invites to those people who weren’t invited at first.

Sending the first batch early ensures that you receive the rejections well in advance before the wedding and have enough time to send out the second batch. It would be rude to invite someone a few days before the wedding. They’ll know that you only invited them because there was a cancellation.

Last but not the least, handle the entire process diplomatically. People can be very sensitive about these issues, so try your best to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.