Wedding guest guide

Wedding guest guide Guest’ does not equal ‘pest’. If you are a guest at a social gathering, you have been invited to be a part of someone’s celebration. This is especially true for a wedding since it is a significant day for the couple. A wedding has its own set of etiquette guidelines for guests.

Being a good guest is not just about dressing well and giving a good gift. Your duty starts from the time you receive the invitation until the wedding reception is over.

Répondez s’il vous plaît: RSVP
As soon as you receive the invitation, respond at the earliest. Whether your answer is positive or negative, remember that the bride and groom are waiting to prepare the final guest list for their wedding. Being ambivalent won’t be helpful to the couple.

In special circumstances, you can contact the family and let them know why you’re not sure about attending the wedding.

Your own guests
You cannot take your own friends or relatives to the wedding unless they are invited. Usually, the couple will mention it on the invitation if they want you to bring your own guest to the wedding.

Weddings are mostly only for adults unless the invitation states your name along with that of your family. Again, family means your spouse and children, not the entire troop of relatives visiting your house.

At the wedding
Punctuality is a virtue even at weddings. By arriving on time for the ceremony, you won’t be disrupting the nuptial rite.

Ensure that you are dressed appropriately. Outfits that are too revealing won’t be appreciated in a church. Even for the reception, you need to be dressed decently, if not too conservatively.

Bear in mind that a wedding is a special occasion for the bride. Don’t steal her thunder by wearing white, ivory or any color resembling the bride’s gown.

While weddings are a time to have fun, guests need to stay in control. Flirting too much with other guests, drinking and causing a scene, criticizing or making inappropriate comments to the bride or groom are few examples of unacceptable wedding etiquette.