Wedding day survival kit

No matter how well we plan, things do go wrong –Murphy’s Law states as much. Nothing is infallible, especially big events like weddings. There are so many people involved and innumerable details to manage – it is quite difficult to run such a show smoothly. Being prepared for all contingencies is one way to ensure an almost perfect wedding day.

A wedding day survival kit is like your best friend on the big day. In case of a mishap, minor or major, you can find anything you need in this kit. First, however, you will need to create this kit. Avoid assembling it on the morning of the wedding as you may end up forgetting something, thus defeating the purpose of having an emergency kit in the first place.

Start putting things together in a tote bag of your choice 1-2 weeks before the wedding. Ensure that it is large enough to hold everything you need and keep it in sight always. You wouldn’t want to be stranded without your survival kit on your wedding day.

Sewing kit
These include items like needle, thread, buttons, hooks, scissors, pins etc. They will prevent you from being embarrassed in front of your guests in case of dress-related disasters.

First-aid kit
If you or your spouse-to-be are prone to clumsiness, then minor injuries are inevitable. Even otherwise, you can’t prevent cuts or bruises especially if your wedding is outdoors. Paper napkins can’t stem the bleeding for long and the pain will mar your enjoyment. Include items like band-aids and antiseptic ointments in your wedding day survival kit.

Medicine kit
Couples may take various measures to stay healthy before their wedding day by eating right and getting sufficient rest. Nevertheless, it’s hard to avoid headaches, stomachaches and perhaps a fainting spell due to all the stress of the wedding day. Carry along painkillers and other medicines you may require to stay fit on the big day.

Besides the items mentioned, you’ll need a make-up kit, sanitary napkins, tissue paper, combs, breath mints and some cash. Add other personal items required to ‘survive’ on your wedding day.