Wedding ceremony music

Wedding ceremony music Planning for a wedding is a hectic task and there are many elements to coordinate. In this rush, often the little things are ignored. Perhaps the ceremony music is one such little detail that often gets the shaft, mainly because couples find it convenient to go along with traditional music.

Since you’ll only have one wedding (hopefully!), you ought to ensure that everything from the music to the mood is perfect. Good music has the power to fill hearts with gladness and eyes with tears of joy. A blissful ceremony to the accompaniment of melodious music is a perfect start to your wedding.

The location of the wedding is a significant deciding factor in selecting music for the wedding ceremony. If you’re having a church ceremony, the concerned authorities need to be consulted. The choice of songs for the ceremony-prelude, processional and recessional-needs to be approved by them before the wedding.

If the ceremony is in a hotel or outdoor location, then you may probably have freedom to choose your own songs. Arrangements need to be checked, however, in case of sound systems, space for the musicians etc. Space is an issue even in churches: small ones may not be able to accommodate a large ensemble of musicians.

Remember to check about permitted sound limits at the venue of your ceremony. You wouldn’t want to be told to turn the music down in the midst of your wedding!

While hiring a professional band to play, ensure that you’re well-informed about their work and prices. Get references and watch their performance at another ceremony to gain an idea of their style. A musically talented, willing friend or family member would add a personal touch to the occasion. Besides, it would cost you infinitely less!

Ensure that the musicians are present at the rehearsal. The timing of the entrance and exit of the bridal party needs to be coordinated with the music.

Traditional songs are a good choice; or you can select instrumental versions of your favorite songs, after approval from concerned authorities.
Say ‘I do’ with a musical flourish and style!