Wearing neon colors

Wearing neon colors It’s not the 1980’s anymore when neon clothing was the main trend; but wearing neon colors need not be specific to any time period. The brightness of neon colors lends vividness to any outfit. If you feel like being bold with your wardrobe, add a splash of neon to your clothing and get ready to have fun.

A splash of neon is all you need. Too much color will hurt the eyes rather than be eye-catching. Besides, you wouldn’t want to look like you’re attending an ‘80’s theme party.  The K-I-S-S formula applies to neon clothes as well – keep it simple, stupid!

It may seem oxymoronic – how can neon be simple? If worn in the right way, neon can be simple; just as long as you don’t overdo it.

Baby steps
If you’re not used to wearing bright colors and need time to get adjusted to the vividness of neon, start in small proportions. Wear neon colors as accessories, jewelry, footwear etc. A bright purse, neon-colored bracelets, a pair of pumps in bright blue look great with black, white or other plain colors.

These are little ways to brighten up your wardrobe without wearing a complete neon look. Of course, there’s a time and place to wear these splashes of brightness. If it’s a somber occasion or business meeting, the neon, however little, may be frowned upon.

Excess of anything is bad
Neon colors ought to be paired with plain, neutral colors. This way, their effect is minimal and you won’t look like an ‘80’s advertisement. Even for a party or disco night, too much neon creates an unpleasant effect.

Bright colored tops can be worn with black trousers or skirts and jeans. Even white looks good with neon colors. Neon pants or skirts are usually considered tacky. However, if you want to wear neon bottoms, select light colors and simple designs.

Avoid wearing neon dresses with brightly-colored accessories as the effect would be quite tacky. Neon should constitute only one part of your attire. It’s sufficient to brighten up a humdrum day!