Wear Proper Make Up

wrong-eyeliner-shades1 If you make the wrong choices of make up shades then you can end up looking tired. Even after wearing make up, if people inquire about your health in a party when you are all right then that can be very embarrassing. Don’t wear any make up color that has a shade of gray in it. It can make you look ill and weary.

Gray Shades are Bad

A mauve lipstick or a pink blush can have grayish shades. Therefore, be careful while choosing such colors. While choosing a foundation, make sure that it does not look grayish. A gray eye shadow is a strict no-no. The trick is to stay away from gray in your make up.

The Right Make Up

You do not have to waste your money on a costly facial, if your skin looks tired. Throw away all those make up colors that have gray in it. You can find out the culprits by doing this. Smear the color on a white sheet of paper. If you notice any gray shade then it is time to throw that particular make up item away. You should also bear in mind that the most used color in cosmetics is gray. So now you only have to change your make up to look good, instead of buying skin brightening creams or other skin potions.

Beware of the Lip Liner

Thick and fat lips look grotesque. Yes, you heard it right. Don’t over draw your lips because you will only end up looking like a cartoon. Lipsticks are meant for making you look glamorous. If you want a pout like your favorite celebrity then you have to create the right illusion of having fuller lips. For this you only need to use some shine and the right color. Choose a lipstick in a light or nude shade. Wear this color along your lip line and then wear a natural color lip gloss. Your lips will look wow.