Wear leggings for a stylish look

black-leggings Some people may view leggings as gym wear: worn with shirts for a workout session but never for a social outing. But leggings are more than just exercise clothes. You can create a fashionable look that others will envy by pairing leggings with the right clothes.

It is important to remember that leggings are an accessory. Wearing them is not like wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt. Leggings need to be worn with tops that reach much below your waist and fall above your knee. Dresses and long tunics look great with leggings.

Play with colors

Leggings come in varied types and colors. You can select between full-length leggings that reach till the ankles and the shorter ones that reach just below your knee. While black is still the most common and popular color, brown, dark blue, green, purple, red etc also look good.

In addition, you’ll find a choice of leggings with patterns and designs, laces, bows and in velvet. All in all, there’s something for almost every woman’s style and taste.

Leggings and legs

Do you desire to wear mini skirts but feel conscious about showing skin? Leggings are the flexible answer to your prayers. They go well with short denim and corduroy skirts and tops. Add boots to your attire and you’ll end up looking chic.

Dress it up and down

Light floral dresses worn during summers also look good with leggings. Just make sure you match the colors well. Leggings can be worn with dresses of all kinds, even for a party. So you can dance all night while looking trendy and staying comfortable.

Timeless tunics

Tunics are available in various types, colors, cuts and shapes. And they can be worn well with leggings. Select a pattern that suits your body type well. Ensure that the tunic is long and extends below your hips.

Flaunt your outfit with accessories and make a style statement with leggings.