Ways to Wear Headbands

Wear Headbands Ways to Wear Headbands

Headbands are beautiful hair accessory and are a good option for changing the hairstyle. You can make a variety of hairstyles with headbands even without cutting your hair. It also helps you to cover up the bad hair and the greasy hair roots while remaining a fashionable lady. Here are some ways to wear a headband.

Ways to Wear Headband

Elastic Headband

Make a high ponytail by slicking your hair back and remember to fan out the hair ends. You can use a hair spray to cover the top of your hair and then use an elastic headband to slide on the head. Place the headband about two inches rearward the hairline. You can also secure the headband on both sides of the head with pins.

Jeweled Headband

Make loose waves on your hair and part your hairs at the center which is about three inches rearward from the hairline. Then slide down a jeweled headband on this area and allow a part of hair to covet this band.

Fabric Headband

Part your hair in such a manner that it must be an off-center part. Use a fabric headband and slide it over the hair and place it at the hairline itself. Pull a little hair forward and this helps you to frame your beautiful face. You can also place the headband around the forehead’s center.

Double Headband

Place a headband that has two thin strands around the forehead. Loose the hair by putting a finger through the headband and lift the hair in the crown. If you want to add volume to your hair then tease your hair at the crown region and keep the double headband behind the ears.

Thin Headband

A thin headband especially a thin black one will look ideal with a bun hairstyle. For this you need to wrap the hair in a bun preferably a high bun and wear a thin headband.
Or if you have layered hairstyle then knot the top half hair with a clip or clutch while allowing a few strands of hairs to fall on the face. Then keep a thin headband on the top.

Headbands are now available in different sizes, shapes, colors and also in a wide variety of materials. You can choose among the different varieties to become elegant and fashionable.