Ways to Tie a Scarf

Tie a Scarf Ways to Tie a Scarf

Scarf is now a day used by women as attire. Tying a scarf around the neck will give you an entirely different look. Earlier scarves are used by women to cover their heads in cold climate and to protect their hair from hot sun. But now wearing a scarf add beauty and style to your appearance. Scarves are now available in different types of fabrics and in different shapes and sizes. Scarves made out of silk, acetate, rayon etc which are very light in weight and at the same time gives a shimmering finish.  There are also wool and cotton scarves available in the market.

Certain scarves are having fringed edges while others have hemmed or fused edges. Different shapes like square, triangle, rectangle etc are also seen in scarves. Here are some ways to tie the scarf around your neck.

Ways to Tie the Scarf

Tie a Square Scarf

Fold the square scarf in such a way to make a triangle out of it. Place the triangle in front of your neck in such a manner that the triangle points towards down. Now wrap the two ends of the scarf around your neck in order to hang the two ends in front.

Tie a Rectangular Scarf

If you have a rectangular scarf folds it in lengthwise. Warp it around the neck in such a way that you get maximum wraps. Then tuck the loose ends beneath the wraps. This will be perfect match for your jacket or blazer as this style won’t cover your attractive collars.

If your rectangular scarf is long enough then fold it in half and bring the two ends together. Place the folded scarf causally on the back of your neck and allow the two ends to hang in front. Take the loop of the folded scarf and pull the loose ends through this loop.

Classic Style

If the scarf you have is a satin or silk one then try classic style with it. It is as simple as wrapping the scarf around the neck and let each end fall loosely in back and front respectively.

You can also secure the scarf near your neck with decorative jewelries.