Ways to Reduce Your Salt Intake

Ways to Reduce Your Salt Intake Ways to Reduce Your Salt Intake

Salt which is chemically known as sodium chloride is used for seasoning and preserving the food. The daily recommended dosage of sodium per person is 2400 milligram and is almost equivalent to a tablespoon salt. If you take too much sodium then it may cause health hazards to you. Increased consumption of salt may cause high blood pressure and the related heart problems. More sodium in diet may also lead to loss of calcium through urine and even cause kidney stones. Most of the people become sensitive to salt when they become older and it results in increased blood pressure. Here are some tips that may help you to cut down your salt consumption.

Cut back in Processed Food

We get most of the salt from preserved, prepared and processed foods. Manufactures add salt to their product for improving taste and texture. In processed food salt will mask the savor of additives and other chemicals. So instead of going behind these prepared foods make your own food at home with minimal amount of salt. Also avoid the bottle dressing agents while making salads. Make every thing from scratch so that you can avoid the sodium content. Avoid canned vegetables, seasoned bread crumbs, dry soup mix, corm meal etc as all these contain more salt.

Be Careful about Your Spices and Condiments

While setting your spice rack, be careful to avoid the seasoned spices and instead use the fresh herbs. You can also prefer lemon, lemon juice, vinegar etc instead of adding sodium as these are good substitutes for sodium for adding flavor. Similarly while using mayonnaise, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard you get sodium .Try to use low sodium containing condiments like balsamic vinegar, low sodium light mayonnaise etc.

Cares to be taken while Dinning Out

Most the restaurant foods are rich in sodium especially the Mexican and Chinese foods. While choosing your food take care to avoid the ones that are rich in sauces.  Also ask them to make your food with minimum salt.