Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Exercise

motivate-your-kids-to-exercise Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Exercise

Kids usually would like to play a lot and this is enough for them as exercise. As they grow old they are not getting enough time to play or at times they don’t want to play. This is because some of them have a feeling that they are not good in spots. Sometimes they won’t get time because of the increasing demands of the school or they might not get a role model to do exercise regularly as their parents are busy in their work. Being a parent it is your duty to motivate your kid to exercise, other wise he will become a fatty kid who is not at all active. It may change his personality and also cut down his confidence.
1. If your child doesn’t want to do exercise then you can make him exercise in an enjoyable manner. If he likes to do paintings then ask him whether he can draw a picture of a home that you see on your way back to home.

Present it as a challenge and take him with you to the spot and show him the house. Here your kid is doing exercise with out knowing that and he is taking the challenge too. Once he completed his picture reward him for his job. So that you can motivate him on another day.

2. Talk to your child about the game he likes and let him do it. Never force your kid to do something that you like. It will kill his interest in games.

3. Make yourself a role model for your kids and do exercise and play with them. You can invite them to play football, badminton, basketball or ask them to come for a swimming.

4. Never pressurize your kids for doing exercise as it will discourage them and never give more emphasis on losing weight. Instead talk to them about the health aspects and the benefits of being fit. Give them time to change their habit and they will change slowly.

5. If you don’t have time to spend with your kid then put them in camps that can teach them about the values of exercise and nutrition. Such camps may help your kid to learn new habits, lifestyles, importance nutrition etc and also build confidence in them.

Health and nutrition are two sides of a coin and you have to keep both in a balanced level.