Ways to Create Healthy Recipes

Ways to Create Healthy Recipes

Most of the recipes that you have will be of high calories. You can make these recipes with out any change in their texture and taste but with good renovations. You can make substitutions for the ingredients with in the recipes and can make a healthy food. Here are some tips that may help you to make healthy food.

Healthy Substitutions

Choose your ingredients wisely and instead of using enriched pasta use the whole wheat pasta. This may help you to reduce the calorie of the food and the same time increases the fiber content thrice. While making dessert use fat free milk in place of whole milk and you can reduce eight grams of fat in every cup and also can reduce 63 calories.

Lower the Level of Fat

You can easily reduce the fat contents in a recipe with out affecting its flavor. Use half of the required oil or butter and replace the other half with mashed banana, unsweetened apple sauce, prune puree etc. You can also use fat substitutes made out of fruits.

Lower the Level of Sodium

Reduce the amount of salt used in making your dish. If the recipe includes yeast then you need to add only the required salt for fermentation. Also reduce the amount of ingredients that contain salt in them like the salted cheese to half. Also lower the amount of soy sauce, pickle etc in your foods.

Lower the Level of Sugar

In order to reduce the use of sugar in to 13rd or half incorporate almond flavoring, vanilla extract, cloves, cinnamons, nutmeg which in turn help you to increase the sweetness of your dish.

Healthy Cooking

You can change the method of your cooking and instead of frying things in butter and oil you can bake, poach, grill or broil the ingredients. If you want to baste the ingredients in oil then instead of oil use fruit juice, wine vegetable juice, fat free broth etc. Also try to cook in non stick or spraying pans. This may help you to reduce the calories and fat in your diet.

While cooking you can also avoid high calorie ingredients like nuts, frosting etc. If your dish still consists of high fat and sugar then reduce the amount of intake of those foods and keep yourself healthy.