Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

chinavasion Gone are the days when bathroom singers were forced to listen to the music emanating from their croaky voices while taking a shower. Chinavasion has come up with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which can be carried to the pool or under the shower. This has ended the danger of bringing speakers to pools and bathrooms.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

From now, you will not miss a call while swimming in the pool or relaxing in the bath. Simply connect the Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker to your cell phone, and your calls and music from your phone will be directed to you through the Bluetooth A2DP. When a call arrives, the music streaming from the Bluetooth speaker will stop automatically, to enable you to receive the call. This waterproof speaker resembles a ball, making it even more enjoyable to be carried in the pool.

Although your Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, you might not possess a waterproof cell phone. However, the ability of the speaker to work from a distance of 10 meters from the phone, will allow you to keep your phone safely at a dry spot. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is 155mm in diameter and remains afloat on water. This is an added advantage of the speaker. You do not have to worry losing it in the pool.

The standard four AA batteries, which come with the Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, are also waterproof. You can listen up to four hours of music playback. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with all types of Bluetooth compatible MP3 players, iPod, cell phones and even with Bluetooth compatible computers. It is priced at $40.

Waterproof iPod Nano Speaker

While Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with a vast range of Bluetooth compatible audio gadgets, we have waterproof speakers built specifically for iPod nano. Made by Ego IceBar 2, this $80 waterproof speaker is compatible with iPod nanos of all generations. This is also a floatable speaker, which can be carried to your bathtub or pool.