WarMouse Meta – Mouse With 18 Buttons

WarMouse Meta Thanks to WarMouse, the rodent, which has become the quintessential part of the desktop computer, has evolved a new look. Gone are the days of the conventional two button mice. The upcoming mouse created by WarMouse, christened WarMouse Meta flaunts eighteen buttons. With this joystick mouse, you can command your PC simply by clicking the mouse buttons. However, WarMouse Meta is not the first multi button mouse. Last month WarMouse had launched the OpenOffice Mouse, the first multi button mouse developed by the company. The WarMouse Meta is an upgraded version of OOMouse. It sports more features and flaunts a better design.

WarMouse Meta features
It is hard to believe that a mouse could boast 18 buttons and execute 52 commands. The WarMouse Meta is indeed a wonder that you would love to use. Moreover, Meta will be the first mouse in the world to have an analog joystick. You can also use the joystick in three digital modes. In the digital modes, to help you move smoothly through your works, you can assign sixteen different macros or keys to the Meta joystick. In the analog mode, either you can use all the eighteen buttons of the mouse for keyboard and mouse commands, or you can convert up to seven mouse buttons into joystick buttons. You can accomplish a wide array of tasks with the joystick.

While working with spreadsheets in your Excel files, you can use the joystick as arrow keys. If you are using the 3D Studio Max for designing animation models, you can use the joystick of Meta for rotating 3D objects. You can copy, cut or paste by simply clicking specific buttons of the mouse. While using the Abode Reader, you can change views, zoom, and search and turn pages by simply clicking the mouse buttons. This multitasking mouse can help you in your photo editing functions while working with Adobe Photoshop. You can assign a large number of macros for single clicks, double clicks and joystick movements. WarMouse Meta also features a high- resolution 5600 DPI laser sensor. This 18-button mouse can be used with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac and PS3.

Price and availability
WarMouse Meta will be available from January 15 for $74.99.