Visit To Haunted Castles Of Scotland

Castles scotland Winter and fall are great time to go ghost hunting. And for ghost hunters no place can be as attractive as the scenic Scotland. Scotland is believed to be one of the spookiest parts of UK. Nearly at every corner of Scotland, you will come across a castle, home to ghosts, ghouls and apparitions. Nearly every Scottish castle has at least one resident ghost. Perhaps not many have seen these eerie residents of these majestic buildings. Nonetheless, visiting these historic places will take you closer to Scottish myth and folklores. It will take months to explore all the castles of Scotland. Here are five famous haunted Scottish castles, which you can visit this fall.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is undoubtedly one of the most famous haunted castles of Scotland. The dungeons of this early 12th century castle are believed to be inhabited by several desolate souls. In this former military fortress, several people witnessed unhappy deaths. The resident ghosts of this castle include an unnamed piper and Lady Janet Douglas of Glamis who was burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft.

Glamis Castle
This wonderful fairytale castle is a marvel to explore. According to Scottish folklore this castle is haunted by the Grey Lady of Glamis. This spooky occupant of the castle was burned at stake in the 16th century by King James V. Another infamous resident of this castle is the 4th Earl of Crawford, who occupies a locked room of this castle, where he is still playing cards with Satan.

Hermitage Castle
Built in the 13th century, the Hermitage Castle was originally the home of the Douglas family. This castle is reputed for ghostly screams, which is attributed to sorcery, practiced by Lord Soulis. Some also claim that the spirit of Mary Queen of Scots occasionally visits this castle.

Castle Guthrie
This castle has been converted into a hotel. Its Ghost Suite is the best place to have a sound sleep, while the ghost of Lady Guthrie attends to your comforts.

Culzean Castle
If you are lucky enough, the piper of the Culzean Castle will entertain you with his haunting music. According to local folklore, the piper usually displays his musical genius during stormy nights.