Vintage wedding

wood macdonald wedding 12 210608 You don’t have to be modern in your choice of a wedding theme. If the olden golden days suit your style and personality, then that’s what your wedding theme should reflect. Flaunt the three D’s: dress, décor and dance in true vintage glory.

It is important that your vintage theme wedding reflects the look and feel of the era. Early in the wedding planning process, turn to your grandparents and other elders in the neighborhood for some tips and suggestions about the times they lived in. A first-hand account might be helpful; you can always go on the Internet for the rest.

The gown
Your senior family members can contribute more than mere advice. They may offer you your most precious gift: your wedding gown. There’s nothing more genuine than wearing a real vintage dress. You can also find vintage gowns in thrift stores.

But if second-hand is not your style, then a new dress in vintage style would be just as fine. A lace or satin gown or one with beads gives a true vintage-y look. Pearl earrings or necklaces are ideal jewelry pieces for a vintage themed wedding. Choose off-white or light brown instead of plain white for the gown.

Floral and picture delight
Instead of a veil, the bride can wear a flower in her hair. White or red roses or daisies in yellow or white tucked behind the ear will enhance the beauty of the ‘vintage’ woman. The bridal bouquet should also have the same flowers.

Avoid spending money on elegant floral arrangements or imported flowers. Just select tons of the classic blossoms and place them in pretty vases around the wedding hall. Decorate with posters of famous personalities of the era – singers, writers, poets and actors. Floating helium filled balloons add the final touch to your dance floor.

Musically vintage
Need it be said that you can’t have an authentic vintage theme wedding without music of the era. Modern rap and R&B are a big no-no. Think jazz, blues and swing music.

Have fun in the style of the oldie-goldie days.