Vertu Introduces Luxury Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre Collection

vertu-introduces-luxury-ascent-ti-carbon-fibre-collection For cell phone users who have lots of money in their pocket to stand out in the crowd with a luxury phone, Vertu has a surprise. After launching the Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel only a few weeks ago, Vertu is now coming up with another luxury phone collection – Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre. Vertu, the luxury brand of the world’s leading mobile phone maker Nokia, has wrapped its latest handset in a designer body, just like its predecessors.

Carbon Fibre body
This upcoming Vertu phone collection comprises of several luxury phones made of carbon fiber. Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre Limited Edition, Carbon Fibre Grip, Carbon Fibre & Aluminium Grip and Carbon Fibre and Copper Grip will be part of the Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre collection. Every individual handset has been handcrafted in England.

Carbon fiber has emerged as a luxury material, which is intensively used for its durability and compactness in the aerospace, marine and automobile industries. Now the same material has been introduced in the cell phone sector as well by Vertu. To give both the flat and curved surfaces of the handset a uniform and smooth texture, the carbon fibers and resin have been processed in an optimum ratio. Vertu’s superior engineering skills have been utilized to produce this highly sophisticated durable material. Twill fiber weave process has been used for crafting the diagonal rib of the handset. To give the handset a flawless uniform dimension, tiny 1k weave wide carbon fibers has been used for weaving the pattern of the body.

Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre phone features
The display of the Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre handset is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal. There is a dedicated key for accessing Vertu Concierge, which provides regular updates on global luxury hotels. This phone will run on quad band GSM and single band UMTS networks. The handset measures 116mm (height) x 49mm (width) x 18mm (depth) and weighs 144 grams. The integrated 3-megapixel camera of the phone is equipped with autofocus, flash and 8x Zoom. This Vertu device has 4GB internal memory.

Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre phones will be available from next month only on request. The price of the collection will only be revealed to interested buyers.


  • Vertu phones are not simple mobile gadgets. Each model is a complete, independent masterpiece. The creators of the Vertu phones use expensive materials.