Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel – Upcoming Luxury Phone

vertu-ascent-ti-damascus-steel The rich and famous of this world does not like mass-produced commodities. Luxury gadgets are designed keeping only the preference of these people in mind.

While Nokia cell phones are popular among people throughout the world, irrespective of their social background, Vertu brand products of Nokia target only the luxury cell phone sector. After overwhelming the cell phone geeks with the Ascent Ti cell phone, Vertu has unveiled an upgraded edition of Ascent Ti – Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel.

Damascus steel casing
Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel is made of steel, which is indestructible, lasting the lifetime of the user. To make this special steel for the Vertu phone, an ancient steel forging technique had to be revived. The steel is hardened and strengthen by continuous folding and forging with hammer.

The same steel forging method was used hundreds of years back in making the sharp, durable swords and blades used by the Franconian, Samurai and the Indian Wootz warriors. To make each Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel handset unique, swirl patterns have been hand crafted on each of the handset. No information on pricing of this luxury phone has been announced so far. However, since only hundred handsets of Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus will be made, you can expect an astronomical price for this phone.

Besides its gorgeous look, there seems to be nothing innovative about its specifications. Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel will feature a 3.2-megapixel camera along with LED flash, auto focus and video calling features, S40 user interface, a 2-inch QVGA scratch resistant display, 4GB internal memory and GSM and UMTS network connectivity.

It will also support 3G, GRPA and EDGE. Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel will have WAP browser. Running on standard Li-Ion 950mAh battery, this luxury phone will allow up to 5 hours of talk time with GSM connectivity, up to 3 hours of talk time with UMTS or 3G connectivity, and 300 hours of stand by time.